Kairos FDA Approved

Kairos Health Services specializes in providing FDA approved N95 masks, CDCcertified NIOSH masks, KN95 masks, surgical masks, and other personal protective equipment to a large variety of hospitals, clinics, businesses,  organizations, and individuals across the U.S.

KHS is committed to serving our health care workers, non-profit organizations, and others during this time. We are offer both bulk and non-profit pricing to help those that serve and  support our local community and those in need across the U.S. We are honored to serve over 30 Oklahoma non-profit organizations and ship PPE across the country.

Kairos Health Services has extensive international relationships that have helped to facilitate over 40M dollars worth of exports from the US since 2013. These same trusted international relationships are now helping KHS to import millions of dollars worth of medical supplies to US medical facilities, government entities, and our immune compromised neighbors in need. 

We have teams working and traveling internationally 7 days a week, to secure the highest quality and widest variety of COVID-19 fighting materials. Our Oklahoma based support staff literally work around the clock to secure supplies, arrange shipping, process orders and deliver your products to you quickly and efficiently.

KHS is a trusted and dependable company that is committed to making a difference. We are dedicated to keeping our prices as low as possible and to helping our communities in need.

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