FDA Registered Medical Device Supplier

Kairos Health Services is committed to serving and supporting our community by providing our healthcare workers, first responders, local nonprofit organizations, elderly care facilities, government agencies, essential employees, and individuals with Personal Protective Equipment.

Kairos Health Services specializes in providing NIOSH approved N95 masks, isolation gowns, Nitrile gloves,  KN95 masks, surgical masks, and other personal protective equipment to a large variety of hospitals, clinics, businesses,  organizations, and individuals across the U.S.

We offer individual retail and bulk pricing and are honored to serve over 30 Oklahoma non-profits, the VA, DOJ, and other local government agencies, as well as hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and businesses across Oklahoma and the U.S.


After purchasing hundreds of N95 for our clinic and multiple facilities in need, we are so thankful to have reliable PPE from a supplier we can trust. 

Shannon, Nurse Practitioner

"High quality masks and excellent customer service! I highly recommend them! They are doing the good work!"

Lisa, Medical Services

"These ladies are awesome to work with. They are knowledgeable, efficient, and very customer oriented. Great job ladies!! We appreciate you!"

Joe, DDS

Good seal and comfortable. I was concerned about the silicone seal surface, Good breathing space so your mouth is not touching or breathing in the front of the mask. The straps are
comfortable. And best of all the mask flexes to avoid the seal separating from your face as you talk (no more readjusting)

Igor J. Gorkeulhzenht
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Meet Brooklyn Green Clopton, managing partner of Kairos Health Services.

Brooklyn Green Clopton's innate entrepreneurial acumen, combined with her gifted ability to make strategic decisions, has empowered her to be successful throughout her 20 year career.¬† Brooklyn earned her degree from the University of Oklahoma while building a Ô¨Ānance career in the Oklahoma City area. Because of her ability to thrive in difÔ¨Ācult environments and turn failing Ô¨Ānance departments into number one nationally ranked operations, she was one of 20, from an employee pool of 9000, selected by Sonic Automotive to attend Leadership Academy. This opportunity allowed her to learn from some of the most successful companies in America like Apple, The Four Seasons and Disney.¬†Following 12 years of directing finance departments, she shifted her focus to a highly competitive, niche market within the automotive industry. With her husband, Micah, she started Kairos Enterprise, LLC, a luxury vehicle brokering company, Ô¨Ānding speciÔ¨Āc vehicles intended solely for international luxury markets.¬†

Through this luxury export business, Brooklyn and Micah were able to form trusted international relationships. These contacts all over the world have helped Kairos Health Services to secure and ship medical supplies to front line Covid-19 medical personnel all over the US.

Tulsa Local

Office: Tulsa, Ok 74133

Email: info@kairoshealthservices.org


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